End of 2012

As we come to the end of 2012 it is a time to review our goals we set for ourselves and our businesses at the beginning of the year.  Did we hit them?  If not why?  What forces were at play?
Take the time to review what worked, what didn’t and start to create new goals for 2013.  Break down your goals into quarters and be specific on how you are going to obtain them.  Be accountable to your goals.As you are reviewing 2012 look at each goal and write down how you achieved it or why you fell short.

  • Did you overspend?
  • Did you lose accounts? Gain accounts?
  • Were you understaffed? Overstaffed?
  • Was it easy to meet your goals?
  • Did you make a profit?
  • Are you pleased with the performance of your business for 2012?
  • How would you do things differently in 2013?

Review your Business Plan for 2013.  It probably needs to be revised.

Did you give all of your employees performance reviews?  Do they know how you feel they performed in 2012?  Do they have a clear path on what you expect from them in 2013?  Do you need to revise job descriptions and task lists?  What incentives will you put in place to help them achieve the goals you are setting for 2013?  Are you allowing them to obtain additional education in order to do a better job for you? Are you encouraging them to contribute ideas to the growth and vision of the company?

Are you using current technology?  Are you creating a seamless experience for your clients?  What new technology can you implement for 2013 to benefit your clients?

What is your online reputation?  Did you maintain your social media accounts or were they stagnant for months with no new content?  Are clients engaging with you?  Are people talking about your business?  What are they saying?

Did you give back to your community?  What organizations do you support?

When was the last time you took a client out to lunch or called them just to check in?

As business owners we are accountable for the success and failure of our business.  As we near the end of the year, we hear all of this chatter about the “fiscal cliff”.  How will this effect your business?  Are you ready for what’s coming our way?

Some great resources for your review: